Backpack- Ash Rose by Fresk


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Special bags that children and adults will want!

Very durable, quality, light and waterproof backpacks for school, walk and excursions!

They are made of recycled cotton and have an outer lining of recycled plastic PET bottles *!

A special and ecological proposal to contribute to the protection of the environment.

Basic features:

– The backpack has a large opening and space inside for books, hermit crab, wallet, notebooks and everything you need.
– With front case with zipper to have the keys, mobile etc for easy access.
– It has adjustable shoulder straps to be comfortable as well as a roller to close in front.
– Dimensions: 40x35cm

* What is PET?
Plastic bottles are made of PET material which is 100% recyclable. The bottles we recycle are collected, processed to become bottles again or a special fiber with which they make bags, carpets and useful everyday items. In this way we reduce our environmental footprint and the use of non-renewable resources

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