Cardboard Playhouse Large Cabin For Painting


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The house consists of 5 parts. It has two windows, a door and a big roof. Easily assembled and disassembled. The walls are held together with the supplied rope. The roof clips on.
The house has contours of images of animals, birds and various flowers.
The house from outside or inside can be painted with crayons, pencils, markers, finger paints or gouache which is easy to apply. You can cover it with wallpaper, clippings or stickers, cut out and glue tiles to the roof, and hang curtains on the windows.
Let your imagination run wild!
Playhouse for children develops manual skills, stimulates creativity and imagination; the painted cardboard playhouse for the practice of hand dexterity and sense of space.
Learns to follow the instructions, stimulates attention and logical thinking; the decoration of the cardboard house engages the imagination; you teach the child’s positive behavior – environmental protection.
Hours of play, with the parents, game safety, the cardboard house without harmful components, an eco-house, completely biodegradable, limit the use of plastic and ensure the future of our planet with the child.
Dimensions 101x80x108 cm
Product weight: 3.6 Kg
Package dimensions: 110x80x5cm
Dimensions101x80x108 cm
Net weight3.2kg

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