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Ingredients: Natural playdough is a 100% natural product and consists only: water, wheat flour, sea salt, vegetable oil, coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, tartar, vegetable pigments in food quality and essential oils.

Note: Natural playdough is non-toxic, but not edible. Children should be supervised by parents while playing.

Using instructions: Putting back into the jar or paper bag after playing. The playdough will last up to 9 months in its original consistency. If you air-dry it, your playdough will get hard and will keep its form. Please keep in mind that playdough may spoil or mold if dirt or foreign objects get under. You should storage the playdough in a dry place with no direct sunlight, in its jar or paper bags, or in your own airtight container.

Age: 3+ | 150gr.

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