Fresk Case Made Of Recycled PET Bottles – Birds


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Children will love these practical boxes with the cute designs of Fresk!

With a large zipper that opens and closes easily, it can hold pencils, pens, paper clips, erasers, markers and all the children’s necessities for school.

It’s also perfect for the mom who wants to carry pens, pencils, or make-up accessories with her.

All cases, as well as Fresk backpacks, are made from recycled PET bottles. In this way you contribute to the protection of the environment.
Size: 9 x 24 cm.

What is PET: Plastic bottles are made from PET material which is 100% recyclable. The bottles we recycle are collected, processed to become bottles again or a special fiber with which they make bags, carpets and useful everyday items. In this way we reduce our environmental footprint and use of non-renewable resources

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