Jabadabado Suitcase With A Dog


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Now all children can have the dog they always wanted!

This suitcase has everything you need to go everywhere with your dog!

Hug it, brush it, feed it and take it for a walk! Now he has his own playhouse and has a little leash so you can easily take him for a walk.

After the walk if he is tired he will sleep in his nest and if he is dirty you can wash him with shampoo and then comb him to make him even more beautiful! If he is hungry, give him his bone and have him eat in the food bowl.

This set includes: 1 dog on a leash, 1 house to sleep, 1 food bowl, 1 bone, 1 comb, 1 shampoo bottle

Suitable from 3 years.

Suitcase dimensions 22 x 9 x 16cm

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