KiETLA: Ourson Sunglasses 2-4 years Silver Blue


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This French model of bear-shaped glasses is the first choice of every parent!
Ourson sunglasses are unbreakable, with a special design to fit perfectly in the ears and nose of young children depending on the age group and have lenses of maximum protection category 3!

With a special mirror effect but without being polarized, as it is not suitable for small children!

So they are irresistible providing the ultimate protection and safety from ultraviolet radiation!


– Perfectly designed to be handled by young children with special zigzag technology with a single frame without screws, joints and metal parts that can be caught somewhere or swallowed.
– With a new soft and comfortable drawstring.


Category 3 polycarbonate protection lenses with mirror effect.
– 100% protection from UVA, UVB and UVC radiation.
Lenses: 3.4 cm (1-2 years) and 3.6 cm (2-4 years) for complete protection of children’s eyes.
– Built-in special KiETLA filter to reduce reflection.
– It is not scratchy due to the mirror effect.


– With ergonomic, soft, flexible light frame for absolute comfort so as not to press on the muzzle and their ears.
– From hypoallergenic elastomer that does not irritate children.


Recyclable frame (except lenses).
– Reusable and recyclable cardboard case.

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