Little Light Robot Smokey Blue by A little lovely company


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The absolute and eternal companion morning and night !!

The little bright robot will become your best friend!

The robot lamp has a soft and very pleasant glow in the dark and a wonderful texture for the little hands that explore the world. It is ideal for children who do not like to sleep in the dark or who start sleeping alone in their room.

It will protect it from the darkness and will calm it down for sweet dreams! He will become the favorite forever friend where they will spend endless moments together but also his most dreamy childhood memory!

It has the perfect size to have it with him all the time in his tiny hands!

You can choose to have the moon lit, off or on with a timer. When you turn it on the timer, the light goes out automatically after 15 minutes. This makes the battery last longer and is better for the environment!

Sweet dreams with the bright lights hug!

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