Monbento MB Tresor Orange Umbrella


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On a summer afternoon, a gentle breeze wafts through the streets and blows the umbrellas of passers-by away. Discover the wonderful world of the MB Tresor orange Umbrella kids’ bento box and let their imagination soar!

Easy open/close
With opening and closing clasps that are specially adapted to little hands, the MB Tresor lunch box was designed in collaboration with parents and approved by kids!

Make the lunch box absolutely unique with the MB Tresor tag hidey-hole! Interchangeable designs enable you to add the little owner’s name or a picture of his favourite super hero. The personalisation feature cuts out any risk of bento boxes getting mixed up at playtime!

Robust and airtight
Thanks to its compact form, the MB Tresor bento box easily slips into any bag or satchel. The large lower compartment is airtight (once screwed shut) and its rounded edges are shock-absorbent making it the ideal companion for your little foodies on all their adventures!

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