Miracle Fruit Infuser 410ML Green by Munchkin


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The number 1 glass of our company has been upgraded and is more fun and healthy! The glass with Miracle 360 ??fruit case does not drip and has a 360 perimeter edge, while providing a natural way to flavor your child’s water. Simply add your baby’s favorite fruits, such as strawberries, oranges or berries, to the fruit tray, pinch it to the bottom, and then fill the glass with water. The buttoned squeezer squeezes the fruit to flavor the water and turn it into a pleasant, fun drink! Goodbye to the juice! Welcome water!

• 360 valve that closes automatically when the child stops drinking
• Built-in fruit case that naturally flavors the water
• Buttoned squeezer that squeezes the fruit
• Fun and healthy way to flavor water
• A few pieces for easy cleaning
• Can be used with or without fruit
• BPA free
• Capacity 414ml
• 12+ months

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