Orchard Toys Ice Palace Jigsaw Puzzle Ages 4+


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A super party is happening in the magical forest! Come and have fun!

A colorful 70-piece puzzle depicting an enchanted forest with many characters and their animal friends! Kids will have fun putting this puzzle together and learning about all the characters.Through playing and assembling the puzzle, he will develop his hand-eye coordination, encourage his observational skills, improve his numerical skills, enhance his imagination and reading skills.

Why do you think they party?
Can you find the kid wearing glasses?
Can you find any animal that starts with “S”?
How many little kids can you find?”

Some of the questions you can ask your child upon completing the puzzle to encourage discussion with them!Play has a very important role in children’s development! Therefore, it must be quality! Through educational puzzles, kids have fun and develop their skills at the same time!

Suitable from 4-7 years.

Dimensions 61 x 42cm.

Pieces of 70

Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small items.

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