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The object of the game is to collect all the products on their shopping list and put them in their cart. The first one to complete his list wins! The game “Shopping List” is played quickly, in a simple way and keeps the children interested! Players play in turn, taking cards with everyday products such as tomatoes and detergents to pizza. If they match the image with their list they should say the product out loud and put it in their cart. Older children can play in a more strategic way, they must remember where the cards with the products on their list were placed. The winner is the one who will be the first to collect all the products he has on his list and will put in his basket or cart! The game has various “quirky” shopping lists ranging from paper to tablets and this is very interesting for children. An amazing way for children to learn is to ask them questions if they recognize the items on their list to read if they can or can say them out loud through a trip to the supermarket! Although the game is for 2-4 players, it can be expanded to play 6 or 8 players if you add ‘Clothes’ or ‘Fruit and Veg’ to larger shopping lists! The “Shopping list” is an educational game that has many benefits for children. By playing, he encourages them to talk and promotes their imagination, finding many ways to play. Helps them develop matching skills by placing the correct image on their shopping list and trains memory and observation skills by trying to remember where the cards were placed with the products on their list. Through the game they develop personal and social skills, learning to play as a team, to wait their turn, to lose or to win. Contains: 2 supermarket carts2 supermarket baskets4 shopping lists32 product cards1 instruction sheet Suitable for children from 3-7 years old Players 2-4 Read some of the interesting parent reviews that bought it: It’s a great toy. My daughter loves it! She has a lot of fun looking for the products on the list, remembering where they are and putting them in her stroller. It helps her a lot to acquire memory and concentration skills. I recommend it to every child. I am a speech therapist and I bought it to use in therapy. The kids love it! I have a 4 year old son. I’m always looking for games that will teach him his language skills. This is a great game! Not only does it help him practice his speech but he also learns to wait his turn and practice his memory. My son is 2 and has a speech problem. I was advised to get this game. Although we do not play it the traditional way, he loves it and we have noticed improvements in his speech since we started. He has to fill his cart with the items in his shopping list and name them as he puts them in his cart !!

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