PLAY & GO. Game mattress – bag 2 in 1. Rainbow


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Understand once and for all from the drama of arranging and storing toys with the help of Play & Go! An amazing combination of toy mattress and storage bag, which will make you wonder why you haven’t got it yet! Machine washable at 30 ° C. Do you feel like you are living a drama every time you have to collect and store your child’s toys? We all know this feeling. Games scattered all over the house: under the bed, on the floor, in the most incredible places! Now, the Play & Go 2-in-1 game mattress comes to solve your problem once and for all! Play & Go is a layer of play, on which the child can play and have fun for many hours alone or with friends. When the game is over, then with a simple move, Play & Go becomes a bag that holds all the toys that were on the game mattress until then! It’s so simple and fun, that now the child will pick up his toys on his own! The Play & Go 2-in-1 toy mattress is 140 cm in diameter and is made of cotton fabric under world-class environmental management standards. Its portable and durable design makes it ideal for travel, excursions, vacations and visits to friends and relatives.   Dimensions    O 140 cm.

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