Scrunch Watering can from recyclable silicone Midnight Blue


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Say goodbye to bulky, hard plastic watering cans that break and take up space.

Welcome to your new favorite watering can that can be squeezed, crumpled, bent, folded and wrapped without ever losing shape. Scrunch Watering Can can be used for anything, anywhere, anytime.

It is ideal for transporting and pouring water, countless games in the sea or the countryside, collecting fruits and vegetables, washing your car and countless other tasks.

Made from recyclable silicone, the Scrunch watering can can be washed and cleaned easily. It is non-toxic, strong and durable and is so flexible and soft that it can be folded and even placed in your pocket.


Weight: 160 grams
Height: 12cm
Capacity: 0.5 liters
Made of recyclable silicone
Strong and durable
Flexible and soft
Easy to wash and dry

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