Set of 6 creative activities Fairies by Djeco


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Creative employment proposal from the company Djeco. A set of 6 artistic activities and crafts, which will give endless hours of fun to the young artists! Create your own magical fairy world using the materials contained and the illustrated instructions for a fantastic result. The set contains 1 card-painting for painting with watercolors, the watercolors with their brush, 1 card that we paint with brightly colored leaves with the decal technique, 2 landscapes and two leaves with objects for pop-up collage, 1 large folding landscape to paint with the glitter pen and the 13 stamps, 4 cards covered with paint that we scratch to reveal the iridescent image and 4 cards with pieces that are assembled and give us wonderful fairy figures on their animals. The game contributes to the development of the child’s perception and skills. He cultivates his creativity, being a fantastic way of experimenting and engaging with different kinds of art and crafts. Made of high quality materials, it meets all safety standards. Suitable from 6 years old. Packaging dimensions: 33 x 25 x 6 cm.

From 6 to 10 years old

W300 x Y60 x B260 mm

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