DIY construction Musical Mechanism Metallophone by smartivity


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Construction of a fully functional Musical Mechanism – Metallophone by the company Smartivity, for the composition of melodies. As children make the metallophone and use it to make new melodies, they understand the mechanism of composing music, enhancing their curiosity and creativity. All they have to do is follow the steps one by one, as described in the illustrated instruction manual. The set includes all the parts required for the construction of the mechanism as well as the studs for the composition of the notes. The package also contains instructions for composing two simple melodies. A wonderful way to introduce children to the world of music, composition and the principles of harmony. Through this activity, they will discover the laws that govern engineering. Using a specially designed simple building system, they will build the musical mechanism and explore how it works, experiencing the joy of creation (scientific and artistic) but also the necessity of each subsequent step, which they must support logically. They can deal individually or build the mechanism collaboratively. A series of games that removes restrictions and rules and adds critical thinking and curiosity! Environmentally friendly, meet the highest safety standards, promote order, play away from screens and are against racial discrimination. Packaging Dimensions: 31 x 28 x 18 cm.

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