Smartivity Diy Construction Of a Rocket Launcher


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The countdown begins! Are you ready to launch? Every child dreams of becoming an astronaut at some point in their life, and with this DIY construction set from the Smartivity company, they will get a little closer to what they have dreamed of. This set is based on the principles of elasticity, gravity and thrust and contains all the parts with which a child can assemble their model rocket and launcher to launch their own missions. The launcher base has a locking mechanism designed to make the game even more fun.Once the build is assembled and ready, kids can experiment, varying the weight of the rocket and the elasticity of the launch pad to understand fundamental science concepts. Through this activity, they will discover the laws that govern engineering. Using a specially designed simple building system, they will build the game and explore how it works, experiencing the joy of creation (scientific and artistic) but also the necessity of each next step, which they should support logically. They can work individually or build the mechanism cooperatively.A series of games, which removes constraints and rules and adds critical thinking and curiosity! Eco-friendly, meet the highest safety standards, promote class, play away from screens while being anti-gender. They contribute to the development of creativity, problem solving, cooperation, mechanical skills, visual motor skills, fine motor skills and imagination. Package Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 12 cm. Suitable for ages 6 and up. Average construction time: about 90 minutes

From 6 to 99 years old

W340 x H50 x D340 mm

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