The Great School by Klorofil


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All children need help and a period of adjustment before starting school. This transition is very important for their psychology, their socialization and their development in the first days of their school experiences.

The spectacular Grand School is a unique game designed in France by the famous Les Klorofil, full of surprises, many accessories, animals and tricks … that we would all like to visit!

For infants 1.5 – 5 years old develops their imagination, symbolic and group play and creates the right conditions to prepare for kindergarten and love school before they even start!

The animals of the Klorofil Magic Forest are crazy about going to school, playing with their friends, learning letters and playing endless hide and seek in the breaks.

Drin Drin! Ring the bell and they run to climb in order through the tree trunk that becomes an elevator!

They all sit quietly in their chairs and watch carefully the teacher who shows them math operations on the blackboard. And as soon as it’s time to study, the board turns and becomes a library for them to read all their lessons and find all the books they need!

Drin drin! The bell rang again! Time for a break! They all happily run to get the breakfast their mom gave them at the hidden picnic area. Press the bush and “Pop!” a picnic table hidden underneath to sit all together.

Everyone is playing around in the revolving gate, while some love to open the hidden hatch and make a slide!

At the same time their teacher is sitting in the other bush to watch them from above not to hit. How does he manage and see everything ?? He presses the bush and “Pop!” it opens and as soon as it sits in the middle lights are turned on to illuminate the school and see better.

And since it is noon and the students are hungry, the school cook runs his bicycle to the oven to bring them even more donuts. The bike is always in the garage and pressing the button will launch the bike even further to spin very fast.

The fantastic Klorofil school is a whole world to explore, allowing kids to learn to have fun while learning letters!

Includes: 1 tricycle, 3 armchairs, 1 table, 2 desks, 3 animals, 2 backpacks

Dimensions: 38 x 32 x 18 cm

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