The Hybrid · Beach Towel


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Both feet steadily on the board.

Hands confidently on the boom.

As for the eyes, they closed for some moments.

You’re leaving behind those who see numbers

where they should see experiences.

Close the sail and continue.

For how long? Until the sea gives you the return signal

-which may sound like another wave to an uninitiated ear…


Full Sized 100cm x 150cm
Microfiber Textile Soft to the skin
Lightweight & CompactHuge laid out , folds down small
Sand Free Sand shakes right off
Fast Dry Dries three times faster than a normal towel
Extremely Absorbent Holds more than its own weight in water
Easy to Carry With Rubber Rope & Keychain for easier storage
Digitally Printed Lifetime color guarantee
No Odours Won’t collect damp smells
Washing 30 degree machine wash

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