Undersea Explorer


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Dive, dive and bubble with this little yellow submarine.

Lets go! Time to discover the ocean with the fun bathing submarine. The Munchkin Undersea Explorer submarine is ideal for unforgettable adventures at the bottom of the bathtub. Little explorers will not get tired of diving, diving and bubbling with this yellow submarine. The holes in the frame create bubbles when immersed in water and the propeller rotates freely, making the game more realistic. Thanks to the weight in the cabin, the captain always returns to his seat! This creative bathing toy is ideal for babies who develop motor skills and for children with a raging imagination.

Yellow submarine that creates bubbles when submerged in water
• Swivel cabin with beads that ring
• Lightweight bath toy, ideal for small hands
• Helps develop fine motor skills and teaches the cause-effect relationship
• 12+ months

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