Yumbox MiniSnack 3-sections Misty aqua / Toucan tray


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Pack your healthy and varied snacks in your Yumbox MiniSnack lunch box with 3 compartments. The 3 compartments make it easy to make your own selection of healthy portions. The possibilities are endless. Add nuts, crackers, fruit, yogurt or even a dip. The Yumbox is leak-free due to the silicone seal between the compartments. The sections are therefore closed properly.

DIMENSIONS: 15 x 10 x 5 cm.

The Yumbox Mini Snack is the smallest lunch box we have. Useful for Wednesdays, for example, when your child does not have to bring a full lunch. Or for a tasty snack on the road.

Section 1: 3/4 cup
Section 2: 1/3 cup
Section 3: small, round box for a small snack or dipping sauce.

Leakproof (for yogurt, apple sauce, dips etc, not water)
Inner compartment is removable
Food-safe materials only: ABS plastic box, inner compartment: Tritan. Lid: food-safe silicone.
BPA, PVC and Phthalates free
Compact and light weight: 0.285 kg

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