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Yumbox Sandwich Paper Wrap

Set of 40 Sheets 4 Designs (30 x 30 cm papers) plus 40 fun stickers. Designs Included: 10 Red Hearts, 10 Blue Vichy, 10 Yellow Polka Dots, 10 Red Apple + 40 stickers with 8 awesome designs.

PERFECT SIZE: Generously sized 30 x 30 cm – 40 pre-cut sandwich papers for wrapping your favorite sandwiches or snacks! The set includes 40 sheets in 4 colorful designs and a variety pack of 40 stickers to help keep your sandwich neatly wrapped.
MODERN DESIGN: The sandwich paper set design is colorful and looks great with food. The vibrant prints and fun stickers will make any wrapped sandwich or snack look appetizing and fun. Remember that presentation is everything!
MULTI-PURPOSE: Use Yumbox sandwich papers to wrap sandwiches, subs, burritos, granola bars, baked goods and more! Use the stickers to add fun and functionality by keeping your foods neatly wrapped. Yumbox multi-use decorative sandwich papers can be used as basket liners, to decorate your party plates, as disposable placemats and to help keep fingers clean when eating your snacks on the go.
HIGH QUALITY: Sturdy vegetable parchment paper is food safe, microwave, oven and freezer safe. Papers are tested for food safety and are BPA, Cobalt and Lead Free. Manufactured in India.
YUMBOX LIFESTYLE: Use sandwich papers to accessorize your Yumbox bento boxes or reusable sandwich bags to create colorful and appealing packed lunches and snacks. The child friendly designs and fun stickers will make Yumbox Sandwich Papers one of your favorite purchases.
DIMENSIONS: Each paper is 30 x 30 cm

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