Collage set Tropical Forest by Tiger Tribe


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Wonderful, quality collage sets, easy to carry so you can easily carry them with you almost anywhere! Shine your crafts with Tiger Tribe collage sets.
Tiger Tribe collage sets are the perfect way to create creative crafts without wasting any time on your space. Just choose a roll and pass it over the sticky outline, and you will have a wonderful work of art!

Ideal for small, childish hands, which will keep them busy when you want to drink a coffee in peace or when traveling.
Especially for travel, Tiger Tribe collage sets are very convenient thanks to their small size (16 x 24 cm), as they can easily fit in most bags.

Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Each collage set includes:

5 sticky outlines
2 sheets for stencil
6 rolls with wonderful gold cards
Instructions booklet
Cardboard frames
Practical storage spaces

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