Educational plate 12+ months Happy Mini Mat – Pewter by Ezpz


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The Mini Mat is one of the first utensils designed by Ezpz for children 12+ months!

The emoticon divides the food into three compartments, so the food does not mix and one food does not touch the other, so they feel more independent and ready for new tests! And manoula can put a greater variety of food on the plate!

The perfect scientifically designed way for a child to learn to eat on their own and develop motor skills.

It is made of 100% silicone and the tray at the bottom sucks on the table ensuring that the tray with the plate will remain firmly on the table and will not slip. So no matter how much he pushes it, it will not go anywhere!

And fits all seats!

Finally the mess in the kitchen! The tray keeps most of the clutter so it does not dirty the table too much!

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