Jaq Jaq Bird: Placemats / Booklet blackboard Paris


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Food and painting with placemats / booklets Jaq Jaq Birds become one!

The only placemat for your table to be painted! This way, the table will not be soiled with food but also with paints!

The game for our children is the favorite moment of the day and they do not want us to interrupt them from it under any circumstances! That’s why Jaq Jaq Birds brings the game to the table and turns the placemat into a painting canvas!

On the one hand they are placemats for food and on the other hand they can paint the surface with zero powder chalks and work creatively keeping everything spotless!

The box includes a box with 4 soft Butterstix® chalks in 4 colors.

This is a product that releases zero dust (zero Dust.).

So with Jaq Jaq products not only do you not waste paper, but you clean with great ease with a damp cloth.

An ecological product specially designed for children with endless imagination!

They are suitable for about 3 years and over.

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