Jaq Jaq Bird: Set of colored Chalks 12 pcs. and Butterstix case


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This set includes twelve ButterStix® chalks in various colors combined with a holder-case.

The color of the ButterStix® case varies with each package.

They are completely safe for children and are used to write, draw and paint on Jaq Jaq bird Books. This is a product that releases zero dust (zero Dust.).

So with Jaq Jaq products not only do you not waste paper, but you clean with great ease with a damp cloth.

The ButterStix® case allows for a more secure grip with chalk when children are painting.

Thus they constantly create and develop their fine motor skills.

It also reduces the risk of chalks breaking easily as well as prevents any traces of chalk.

Paint with chalk without dust and without limits!

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