MAGNA-TILES 110 Pieces Metropolis Set


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Parents can spark hours of imaginative free play in their children with the Magna-Tiles® Metropolis 110-Piece Set. What they can dream, they can create!
Developed by Valtech, this set contains some of our brightest colors and even magnetic tiles in motion, allowing you and your kids to create anything from a high-rise city skyline to a bustling space colony.

The imagination is limitless with the unstructured, creative playtime offered by the Magna-Tiles® Metropolis 110-Piece set, which also features features such as the following:
Durable yet safe: Magna-Tiles® are completely non-toxic and made from food-grade ABS plastic that is free of phthalates, latex and BPA. However, this construction doesn’t sacrifice durability, as our sets can withstand years of creativity both indoors and outdoors.

Easy-to-Manipulate Shapes: Designed by little hands, each of the 110 translucent, colorful shapes in this set connect with a click feature and include a mix of squares and triangles.
STEM Approved: Suitable for ages three and up, this set makes learning fun by encouraging understanding of geometric concepts, color theory, STEM skills, teamwork, problem solving and more. In fact, Magna-Tiles® sets are used for educational purposes in classrooms and home education spaces across the country.

The 110-piece Magna-Tiles® Metropolis set comes in a mix of ultra-translucent magnetic shapes in vibrant, haze-free hues.

Stainless steel rivets and sound welding ensure each piece is resistant to damage such as scratches and dents, while strong magnets keep creations intact for use in other activities.

Plus, all Magna-Tiles® sets are compatible, giving kids the creative freedom to build giant structures or highly detailed models.


2 Large squares
56 Small squares
12 Equilateral Triangles
12 right triangles
10 isosceles triangles
2 wheeled chassis
1 Door
1 Rectangle
2 Stairs
4 quarter circles
1 Spinner
6 Windows
Package Weight: 8.5 lbs/kg
Package Dimensions: 17.5 x 3 x 14 inches
Item Measurement: Each figure has a base measurement of 3 inches / 7.62 cm

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