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Our favorite Mini Micro Deluxe now with illuminated LED wheels!
For children from 2 to 5 years old.
Front Led wheels.
Three wheels for unique stability.
Board with fiberglass reinforcement and plastic pattern for better adhesion.
Weight just 1.99kg
Removable and adjustable steering wheel (49 – 67 cm).
Award-winning Swiss design.
Color: Light blue

The difference with the simple MINI MICRO skate is that the DELUXE has a stainless steel steering wheel and double polyurethane reinforcement for greater stability, and therefore safety. The platform that is its base, is made of silicone and even lighter for more ease of movement. The height of the steering wheel is adjustable from 49cm to 67cm. The MINI MICRO DELUXE has a double polyurethane reinforcement, a stable steering wheel and a special system for vibration control.

The Mini Micro is the first, specially designed skate for preschool and school children from 2 to 5 years old.

Designed in collaboration with Swiss pediatricians specializing in kinetic medicine and physique, this skate offers children much more than endless hours of fun and play. The patented construction of the Mini Micro, with two wheels at the front and one wheel at the rear, allows the child to turn the skate using the weight and inclination of his body. Thus, through play, the child develops his motor skills, the overall coordination of his body and his balance.

The Mini Micro® is the lightest and most durable baby skate in the world. Weighing just 1.9kg and a steering wheel that can be removed with a simple click, you can have it with you always and everywhere!


The safety offered by the Mini Micro during the climb is unique!
The chances of the child falling are minimal due to the three wheels of the skate that provide incomparable stability and balance. Its base is made of soft plastic and reinforced with plexiglass, thus reducing the risk of injury. The Mini Micro T-bar steering wheel is made of lightweight aluminum and can be easily removed so that the child does not use the skate without your knowledge. The handles of the Mini Micro steering wheel are made of ecological, hypoallergenic material, completely safe even if the child brings the handle in contact with his mouth.


The Mini Micro is the best selling skate for children worldwide. Its unique, patented design, its incomparable build quality and the safety it offers during the climb, have turned the Mini Micro into a “pole of attraction” of distinctions and awards. Among them is the “Toy of the Year 2007” award as well as the gold and platinum award at the famous Oppenheimer “Toy Award” competition in America in 2009.

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