MM Teething Toy – Pink


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Perfect for little hands who always want to hold something, we hope the Matchstick Monkey will become your baby’s best friend

• A fun and practical way to apply teething products (gel etc.)
• Safe for washing in the dishwasher and for freezing in the refrigerator.
• Suitable for sterilization with steam or cold water
• Helps develop fine motor skills
• FDA approved food grade silicone
• Free of BPA and toxic, environmentally friendly
• Height 10.5 cm
• 3+ months

Fine mobility

Fine motor skills are a child’s ability to operate small muscles correctly. It requires precision of movements and proper hand-eye coordination. For young children of infant, preschool and early school age, the development of fine motor skills is extremely important.

By practicing fine motor skills, children learn how to use the fingers, specifically just the thumb and index finger, to do some actions. Developing fine motor skills in childhood helps lay the foundation for important future skills such as writing and self-care.

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