Monbento MB Gram Snack Container – Blue Infinity


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The snack box

Beautiful stories and fairy tales come for lunch with the MB Gram children’s snack box!
At school, on vacation, on school trips or on picnics: this smart snack box protects your emergency supplies from minor accidents. Placed in your children’s bag, it is easy to find thanks to the labels that can change endlessly!

Safe for dishwasher
BPA free *
Safe for food
* According to the regulations

In addition to being applied to all bags, the MB box protects all snacks from daily minor accidents, thanks to the airtight seal and the round shape that guarantees its durability and makes it easy to clean.

Finally the confusion with other breakfast boxes during the game! The smart, interchangeable label can be customized so you can put the name of the little owner or their favorite superhero under the snack lid!

The generous size of the MB Gram will fit either a small snack or a regular emergency meal. You can manage and adjust the quantities according to the age and appetite of each person!

Information and features

Dimensions: 14.8 x 7 x 11.4 cm, Capacity: 0.6 L, Weight: 140 g
Contains: 1 lid (PP), 1 container (PP), 1 seal (silicone)

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