Orchard Toys Christmas Eve Ages 3-7 years


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Spread the festive fun a bit with the box on Christmas Eve!

It’s perfect to put the whole family in the Christmas spirit with a board game!

In the game, players struggle to be the first to fill their Christmas stocking! Players in turn turn over cards showing Christmas presents, from toy robots to bricks to dinosaur toys!

If the item is on the Christmas list, they can add it to their table – the winner is the first player to collect all his prizes!

This game is simple but fun and is a great way to practice matching and memory skills with a fun festive twist.

What is Christmas without puzzles?

Educational benefits:

Encourages discussion
Promotes imagination in the game
Develops matching and memory skills
Encourages observation skills
Develops personal and social skills

The Christmas Eve box includes a 20-piece puzzle showing a festive scene- there is plenty to see, including Santa Claus and his reindeer friends visiting!

The Christmas Eve Box is a fantastic Christmas gift!

This game is for 2-4 players. Suitable for children 3-7 years

Contains: 20 puzzle pieces

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