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Make the perfect pizza, but watch out there might be an insect underneath!
an exciting color and shape matching game for the whole family! Turn the turntable and choose the card with the materials according to the color or shape. The winner is the one who will fill the pizza board, but watch out for the awful ingredients that will have to be put in the trash!

Unlike ordinary pizza, in this game the pizza ingredients are unusual and awful that kids find it very funny! You can use the ingredients to talk about food with the children and ask them what ingredients they would use to make their favorite pizza.


25 cards in the shape of a slice of pizza
4 tables of pizzas
1 double turntable
1 Chef Table
1 instruction sheet

Suitable for ages 3-7 years
Players 2-4

Educational benefits

  • Encourages color recognition
  • Encourages observational skills
  • Develops personal and social skills
  • Develops shape and matching skills
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