Orchard Toys Spotty Sausage Dogs Ages 4+


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Make a sausage dog and make it so big!!

Develops counting and color matching skills!

The exciting gameplay is sure to keep kids’ attention and the quirky sausage dog characters will provide plenty of laughs!

Remember it’s not the biggest sausage dog that wins the game, it’s the one with the most balls!


– 40 dog-sausage cards (6 cards-heads, 28 cards-middles, 6 cards-tails),
– 7 colored discs,
– 1 spinner,
– 1 dart (separate the plastic dart from its base and attach it to the spinning board)

Suitable for children aged 4+
Players 6

Educational benefits

  • Encourages color recognition
  • Develops matching and memory skills
  • Develops personal and social skills
  • Develops number and counting skills
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