Playon Crayon Basic Colours- For small hands


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Game and painting… Together! Can toys become paints or can paints also be toys? In this really philosophical question; An Australian designer is coming to make a difference. Playon Crayon! They are candle paints, they are toys, they are writing aids and fine motor skills. They are the only Playon Crayon candlesticks that are the best for the two-year-olds who discover the world and painting. The idea started from a design studio where the designer thought that crayons are very boring, they break, they leave imprints and after a little use they disappear. This is how Playon Crayon was designed, which is wonderful and different. They paint, stack, play and color children’s toys. They help children “catch” properly, handle color and prepare them for the pencil. Their size and design allows them not to break easily, minimizing the risk of drowning (they also have a hole in the middle) as they are larger than a lollipop.  Recommended from 2+ years      They are stacked and made into towers      They leave no marks on clothes       They are durable, they do not break      They have vibrant and cheerful colors       Material: Wax – Certified NON TOXIC by the Art & Creative Materials Institute, USA       Size: each _ Width 3.3 * Height 5.5 cm      The box (12 Colors) _ Width 10.5 * Height 5.5 * H 8.5 cm       The perfect lipsticks for kids!      CE mark (European safety standard)      The box is recyclable.

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