Scrunch Recyclable Silicone Molds Midnight Blue (4 Pieces)


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With Scrunch molds from recyclable silicone, you will build your most creative microcosm on the sand! Inspiration and joy will never stop with the wonderful designs of the molds. Beautiful constructions, with summer mood and countless imagination!

They are so soft and flexible that they are the perfect solution and concern for the little hands and ideal for the little ones as they do not take up any space in the bag or luggage.

Bend them, wrap them, fold them! Their unique composition makes them so durable that they immediately regain their shape and their unique color remains unchanged over the years!

The set of molds comes in an easy-to-use net bag, ideal for sand and sea!


A slipper mold
A dolphin mold
A crab mold
A shell mold


The molds are made of recyclable silicone
Flexible and soft
Durable and strong
Suitable for very high temperatures and very low
Easy to store. They take up very little space
They are very easy to wash and clean

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