Watchitude Slap Color It Rocket Digital Clocks


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Color your watch the way you want!

Watchitude adds a whole new element of fun to timekeeping, keeping your kids excited and engaged.

The watch whose strap can be removed and painted with whatever color combinations you choose.

The pack comes with 4 markers for easy coloring and hours of creative work!

Thanks to the removable easy strap, Watchitude’s Color Me watch is the best gift for friends or siblings so that they can exchange their creations and experiment.

Color-Swap strap with friends!

It also has a Plunge Proof waterproof texture that withstands showers, water and shallows when swimming up to one meter!

Each watch comes in a unique gift box to match its respective design.

One Size: Fits all children and most adults


-Zinc alloy case with glass crystal and analog quartz movement

-Long silicone rubber 9″ slap 100% lead free,

-non-toxic, SGS certified safe for children

-Includes easy instructions for setting the time and 1 year, replaceable standard watch battery

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