Svoora Once Upon a Time Image Disc for Optiviewer 3d


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Really, in the end they will live well and we better? Discover it on the 3D disc “Once upon a time”, from the company Svoora. 7 different 3D images come to enrich your 3d Optiviewer with even more fun! Every parent can be inspired by a wide variety of fairy tales, describing the pictures in different ways! Children develop their imagination, expand their mind, become more observant and learn to concentrate more easily and quickly on a particular subject. Each package includes a small manual with all the images on the disc, so that parents can explore the contents of each one with their children at the same time! Suitable from 3 years. Disc diameter 9 cm. The product is compatible with the 3d optiviewer (code 03005) and similar mechanical projectors.

Age From 3 to 99 years old

Dimensions W100 x Y5 x W100 mm

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