Svoora Washable Storage Basket Kraft Fabric Balloons


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Original Storage Basket with minimal design and earthy colors! Made exclusively of kraft fabric paper: a material that looks like paper, but is actually a durable and completely environmentally friendly alternative. This material is not torn and washed in the washing machine as its basic composition is from cellulose fibers! The Basket has a diameter of 40 cm, height 50 cm and has two handles that make it completely convenient to transport.

It can be folded to take up less space during storage, while the upper part is made of cotton fabric and cord, so that it closes quickly and safely. Suitable for use as a toy box, laundry basket or any other purpose of organization and storage. Available in two minimal designs: Animals and Balloons, to fit perfectly in all rooms.

From 1 to 99 years old

W400 x Y500 x W400 mm

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