The Parallel Waves · Beach Towel


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Water, wine, and honey.

A libation, an offering to the gods.

On the other hand, as a true spartan, you

are content with just water because you know that it can

give you a feeling known only to those who experienced it.

As for the mask? It was made not to hide but to reveal.


Full Sized 100cm x 150cm
Microfiber Textile Soft to the skin
Lightweight & CompactHuge laid out , folds down small
Sand Free Sand shakes right off
Fast Dry Dries three times faster than a normal towel
Extremely Absorbent Holds more than its own weight in water
Easy to Carry With Rubber Rope & Keychain for easier storage
Digitally Printed Lifetime color guarantee
No Odours Won’t collect damp smells
Washing 30 degree machine wash

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