Tricot-Slen Basic Blue Jeans by Babylonia


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The most ergonomic pouch is here and it’s Babylonia’s Tricot-Slen! Tricot-Slen is a long woven fabric (wrap) that you can wear in different ways and have the baby in your arms. Tricot-Slen Organic is made of 100% cotton. The special knitting technique offers perfect support for all babies and its natural stretch, guarantees perfect fit, comfort and ease of use. Babies feel comfortable in this and you can move easily. Thanks to its flexibility, the pouch is very easy to install and wraps perfectly around you and your baby. The weight of the baby is shared throughout your body and hips, so your waist is not burdened at all. You can easily and quickly put your baby in different positions as he has a way of positioning. It is worn on the front, on the side and on the back. An amazing pouch so you can move comfortably while doing work, walking or shopping The pouch should be placed tightly and high so that your baby is in the right position. If you place it low, your baby will not be comfortable and will feel limited. It is ideal for the period of colic that your baby needs the hug more to calm down, but also for a discreet breastfeeding. Characteristics:      It is pleasantly cool in summer but also just as comfortable in winter.      It is easy to wear, extremely light and provides perfect support.     It wraps easily around you and the baby.      Suitable for newborns up to 18 kg.

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