Jokala Sunglasses 2-4 years Black by Kietla


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KiETLA glasses are unique in the world market!
They offer maximum protection, they are very modern and specially designed to never break!

They offer the highest protection from the sun – 100% protection from UVA and UVB radiation – No. 4 lens category the highest.
They don’t break – they don’t scratch (anti scratch)
From hypoallergenic elastomers that do not irritate children
Very light frame for children to accept more easily
100% safety, no screws and joints in the frame
Skeleton width: 100 mm, Lens height: 30 mm The height of the lenses is 30 mm to offer greater protection when children (as they usually do) look up
In addition to the above, KiETLA sunglasses do not accept that one size or shape of glass can cover all childhood. At each age the shape of the child’s face is different and KiETLA comes to cover these peculiarities, offering the largest range of glasses in numbers for the greater comfort and protection of the child.

French design – French finesse – French construction
Take immediate care of your baby’s eye health!

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