KiETLA 2-sided hat with UV protection Ice Kream


A VERY HIGH PROTECTION accessory FROM THE EXTENSIVE UV A wonderful combination of modern and retro, with timeless style and motifs of our time, away from traditional materials and against UV rays, the new creation of KiETLA is 100% cotton with a UPF 50+ protection index on both sides. And yes, KAPEL really works like an umbrella, with a large cornice that turns to protect the face or shoulders from the sun depending on the activity or position of the child.

To ensure comfort and maintain this accessory that protects you, KiETLA has added strings that tie around the face as well as a grip system for sunglasses. And for its style, the hat is available in 5 different patterns, always with designs from Paris! GraphiK Style, Desert Kactus, Ice-Kream, Green Mood and Swimming-Pool for the children of the city and the countryside.


In addition, the uniqueness of KAPEL lies in its double appearance, which combines two legendary looks: the printed Capeline and the most chic Panama in black & white. For even greater protection, combine the hat with a pair of Kietla sunglasses with 100% protection from UVA and UVB radiation – No. 4 lens category or higher.

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