Rozz Screen Protection Glasses Black by Kietla


KiETLA Screen glasses are for protecting the eyes from the screen! CraZyg-Zag Screen RoZZ round glasses for children 9-12 years old   Did you know that children spend an average of 3 hours in front of a mobile screen, tablet, computer, TV, gaming console, etc.
Blue ligt exists in nature from the sun. This natural blue light is essential for the human body, it gives us energy and health! The technical blue light emitted by the flat screens (TV, computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) causes eye fatigue, headaches, mood swings and sleep disturbances.

That’s why KiETLA created the CraZyg-Zag Screen RoZZ to protect children’s eyes from radiation. Glasses should be light and comfortable for children to wear every day and become a habit.   Round unisex glasses in 3 modern colors to choose the one that suits him!

Designed for children who are constantly on the move, light, durable and flexible materials are ideal for their intense rhythms. The well-known polycarbonate lenses offer perfect protection of category 3, polaroid (ideal for 6 years and over), with 100% protection against UVA rays, UVB glasses make the perfect barrier between your children’s eyes and the sun!


Protective glasses for all screens
Filter that blocks 50% of Blue light
Brackets with flexible material and Zig Zag connection to move in any direction
Large shape to perfectly cover children’s eyes
Very light and comfortable for everyday use
In a wonderful package

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